Kids get involved to prevent the IWC from reopening commercial whaling in the Southern Ocean

Page - November 9, 2009
It has been more than thirty years since Greenpeace got involved in the fight to end whaling. Three decades later, our activists are still dedicated to putting themselves on the line, in the waters of the Antarctica. But there is more to winning this campaign than what our activists can do in the dangerous waters of the Southern Ocean. The whales need YOU to take action and get involved.

Kids get involved

Time for U.S. to Take the Lead

The United States has always been an important player in the fight to defend the whales. The U.S. needs to have a strong voice in defending the whales at the the International Whaling Commision meetings.  For too long the U.S. and other conservation minded countries have allowed whaling nations to set the agenda. We need them to take the lead again and make the whaling nations hang up their harpoons forever!

Whale of a Job

If we are going to win this fight, we are going to need the biggest crew of Whale Defenders ever!  Are you up for this task?  By using the Kids for Whales activist toolkit, you can make a big difference.  We are hoping to add the voices of students of all ages, across the country as whale defenders.  We need all of you to work together in your communtities and classrooms.

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