Going Hi-Tech is Highly Toxic

From cell phones to laptops, i-pods to digital cameras, we are buying - and throwing away - more electronic products than ever before. The cost is higher than the impact on your pocket book.

Electronic trash, or e-waste, contains toxic chemicals and heavy metals that cannot be disposed of or recycled safely.  These pollutants end up in our water and the air we breathe. As consumers, we need your help to pull the plug on toxic technology. Urge leading electronic companies to clean up their act.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of old computers and cell phones are dumped in landfills or burned in smelters. Thousands more are exported, often illegally, to Asia, where workers at scrap yards, often children, are exposed to a cocktail of toxic chemicals and poisons.

The rate at which these mountains of obsolete electronic products are growing will reach crisis proportions unless electronics corporations that profit from making and selling these devices face up to their responsibilities. It is possible to make clean, durable products that can be upgraded, recycled, or disposed of safely and don't end up as hazardous waste in someone's backyard.