E-Waste Solutions

Page - August 26, 2005
We believe that manufacturers of electronic goods, who have benefited from sales of their products, should take responsibility for them from production through to the end of their lives. To prevent an e-waste crisis, manufacturers must design clean electronics with longer lifespan, that are safe and easy to recycle and will not expose workers and the environment to hazardous chemicals.

A visitor at a high-tech exhibition looks at a Greenpeace display featuring e-waste.

Clean up: Electronics manufacturers must stop using hazardous materials. In many cases, safer alternatives currently exist.

Take back: The taxpayer should not bear the cost of recycling old electrical goods. Manufacturers should take full life cycle responsibility for their products and, once they reach the end of their useful life, take their goods back for re-use, safe recycling or disposal.

What you can do:

  • Support companies that make clean products.
  • Before buying, think twice about whether you really need a new device.
  • Return your equipment to the manufacturer when you have finished with it.