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Page - June 4, 2009
Download beautiful Greenpeace wallpaper for your PC or MAC computer.


Download the new Mediterranean Dolphins wallpaper >>

It's Really Easy....

For Windows: First, double click on the wallpaper of your choice. Next, right click on the enlarged image and select "set as wallpaper." (TIP: Once you've downloaded the wallpaper you can make the image fill your entire monitor screen; go to startmenu/settings/control panel and select background tab, then select stretch under the page display settings.)

For Macintosh: Download the wallpaper, then drag the picture to your desktop. Go to control panels/appearance/desktop and select the picture you just downloaded.

Pufferfish Wallpaper

Puffer fish in the Gulf of California, Mexico.

©Greenpeace/Alex Hofford Download Wallpaper >>>
Whaleshark Wallpaper

Whaleshark in the Philippines

©Greenpeace/Gavin Newman Download Wallpaper >>>
Rainbow Warrior Wallpaper

Rainbow Warrior

©Greenpeace/Gavin Newman Download Wallpaper >>>
Octopus Wallpaper A giant Pacific octopus rests among anenomes and sponges at 1,132' deep during undersea research of Pribilof Canyon in the Bering Sea. Download Wallpaper >>>
jellyfish A moon jellyfish, at a depth of 30' during undersea research of Zemchug Canyon in the Bering Sea.       Download Wallpaper >>>
clearcut Forest crimes revealed! These once beautiful forests are now a clearcut catastrophe.         Download Wallpaper >>>
Dugong The highly endangered dugong, a relative of the manatee, lives among the coral reefs off the coast of Japan. They are fighting to keep their home amidst a proposed U.S. military base that would be built right on top of their coral reef habitat.        Download Wallpaper >>>
Brittle star A brittle star resting on a sponge at a depth of 1013' during undersea research of Pribilof Canyon in the Bering Sea.       Download Wallpaper >>>
Beautiful Forest Scene In many ways, the fight to save our ancient forests is the fight to save our own lives. Indeed the air we breathe and environmental systems that are essential for life on Earth are directly related to our forests. Download Wallpaper >>>