Meet the staff

Page - August 15, 2011
Here is the Greenpeace Semester team:

Alexa Markley (Recruitment Coordinator) Alexa got her start with Greenpeace in 2009 as a student with the Greenpeace Semester. Following that, she interned with the Greenpeace Field Organizer in San Francisco, where she was able to use her Semester training by working with volunteers and  coordinating events in the Bay Area. Alexa began recruiting for the Semester in the fall of 2009, and loves working with students and helping them prepare for their training in Washington, DC. Based in Southeast Michigan, Alexa spends her free time riding her bike, dancing, and crafting.

Lindsey Berger (Program Coordinator) Lindsey was first exposed to the climate movement in college while studying to be a middle school math and science teacher at Missouri State University. She co-founded Students For A Sustainable Future, helped to pass a student sustainability fee to generate funds for sustainability initiatives, and coordinated two university-wide teach-ins that educated over 2000 students, faculty and staff on the current and future impacts of climate change. After graduating, Lindsey devoted her energy to building a network of Missouri student leaders to win clean energy victories on their campuses and in their communities. In the three years that she worked with the Sierra Student Coalition as the Missouri Campus Beyond Coal Organizer, Lindsey trained nearly 600 students in grassroots organizing skills, helped to retire a campus coal plant, and launched 100% clean energy and fossil fuel divestment campaigns across the state.

While Lindsey is most known for her unwavering Midwest pride and intense PASSION for the climate movement, she also enjoys game nights, dancing, playing pool, doing yoga and going to brunch with friends.

Myriam Fallon (Program Coordinator) Myriam got her start in environmental activism fighting coal plants on the south side of Chicago, her hometown. She became the Pennsylvania field organizer for Greenpeace in 2010. As an organizer she helped run the successful campaign to shut down the polluting Portland Generating Station in rural PA. She went on to work as a media officer on Greenpeace's oceans, Arctic, and toxics campaigns. Myriam joined the Greenpeace Semester as a coordinator in January 2013. She loves training young activists and spends her free time riding her bike, reading, singing Irish folk songs, and generally enjoying the outdoors as much as possible.

Mary Sweeters (Director) first spoke out for the environment at the age of eight, when she wrote a letter to President George H.W. Bush asking him to help stop whaling. She has been organizing professionally since 2004. Mary trained and mobilized students on college campuses in California to work on social and environmental issues for a few years and directed door-to-door environmental canvass offices. She started organizing in the Midwest with Greenpeace in 2007 and moved into her current role in 2010. She is based in San Francisco, where she loves to ride her bike, hike, take photos on an old film camera, and play ultimate frisbee.