Page - March 3, 2010
What is a Lead Activist?

Lead Activists are Greenpeace volunteers that are dedicated, savvy and passionate about the planet. They work closely with Greenpeace on our highest priority campaigns – whether pushing President Obama to save the whales, forcing corporations to stop destroying the rainforest, and protecting their own campuses and neighborhoods from dangerous coal and nuclear power plants.

To join our team as a Lead Activist, fill out your contact information and we’ll be in touch soon with an email or call. You must be 14 or older and live in the U.S.    

What is a Campus Coordinator?

Campus Coordinators take charge of a Greenpeace campaign on their campus and stay in touch with other leaders in the Network to plug into joint activities.

Campus Coordinators also work with Student Network Staff to receive expert guidance in running a successful campaign. They are experienced student leaders from across the United States who are dedicated to and passionate about making change on their campus.

From kicking coal off their campuses to getting their elected representatives to sign onto the strongest climate legislation, Campus Coordinators are organizing students on their campuses to tackle top environmental issues.

How do I become a campus coordinator?

First, start volunteering with the Student Network as a Lead Activist. The best Lead Activists are invited to become Campus Coordinators following an interview process.

What is the Student Board?

The Student Board is a team of students who work with the Greenpeace staff team to coordinate the Student Network. Their work includes training, providing feedback and coordinating days of action.

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