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Page - December 5, 2010

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Climate Campaign Strategy Discussion

On December 19th senior Greenpeace climate strategists held an interactive online livestream broadcast to reflect on the past few years of the climate movement, map the post-election political moment and cultural atmosphere and put the finishing touches on our plan going forward. 

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Climate Campaign Strategy Panel Discussion from Greenpeace USA on Vimeo.

Climate Campaign Strategy - Coal Presentation from Greenpeace USA on Vimeo.

Climate Campaign Strategy - Q&A from Greenpeace USA on Vimeo.


Beyond Oil: Blueprint for an Energy Revolution

We held a briefing September 24th to hear via live streaming video from Greenpeace experts at the front lines of the campaign for a clean and safe future.

The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico is the worst environmental disaster in U.S. history, with long-term impacts we've yet to understand. But one thing is clear: we need to stop investing in a broken energy economy and kickstart a clean energy revolution.

This blogger briefing took place as part of the UN Week Digital Media Lounge.

Archived video

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