Casson Trenor

Senior Markets Campaigner

Page - October 14, 2011
Trenor holds the position of Senior Markets Campaigner with Greenpeace USA, where he spearheads the organization’s efforts to hold restaurants and supermarkets accountable for their seafood sustainability practices and to help educate the public about the global fisheries crisis.

He is a frequent commentator on sustainable seafood issues and has been featured in regional, national, and international media outlets, including CNN, NPR, New York Times, Boston Globe, Christian Science Monitor, San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, Seattle Times, Tampa Tribune, UTNE Reader, Hemispheres, Tokyo Weekender, and Edible San Francisco. He is also the subject of an extensive multi-part feature story in the Japanese newspaper Kochi Shimbun.


Trenor is the author of "Sustainable Sushi: A Guide to Saving the Oceans One Bite at a Time," designed to enable consumers concerned about environmental and health issues to dine with confidence at the sushi bar.  He also owns and maintains, a popular blog and reference website concentrating on sushi and ocean conservation.  In addition, Trenor writes articles for numerous other websites and publications, such as his monthly "For the Oceans" column at

In an effort to bring sustainable sushi out of the conceptual realm and into the Amerian foodscape, Trenor founded the world’s first sustainable sushi restaurant, San Francisco’s Tataki Sushi and Sake Bar, in February 2008. He has also converted two “conventional” sushi bars – Seattle’s Mashiko and Miya’s in New Haven, CT – into sustainable sushi operations.  In October 2010, Trenor opened Tataki South, a new venture that expands the concept of sustainable sushi as a fine dining experience; and in May 2011, Trenor opened Ki, the world’s first sustainability-themed izakaya. This venture allowed Trenor the opportunity transcend traditional sushi establishments and to champion sustainability and environmental responsibility within the nightlife industry. Trenor is also a main character in Mark Hall’s forthcoming documentary film, “Sushi: the Global Catch,” where Trenor’s trailblazing work on sustainability in the sushi industry is a primary theme.

In October 2009, Trenor was awarded the title “Hero of the Environment” by TIME Magazine, and in August 2010, Trenor received a Congressional Commendation and the “Ocean Protection Hero” award from the well-respected environmental organization Save Our Shores.

Born in Washington State and living in San Francisco, Casson speaks five languages, has traveled to over fifty countries, and holds an MA in International Environmental Policy from the prestigious Monterey Institute of International Studies.

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