Deepa Isac

Deputy General Counsel

Page - September 14, 2012
As Deputy General Counsel and an attorney with Greenpeace since 2004, Deepa Isac’s primary responsibility is handling criminal law cases when Greenpeace activists and environmental supporters engage in peaceful civil disobedience to promote policy change that protects the planet.

Deepa Isac In 2007, for example, she managed the cases of 49 activists who were arrested while protesting U.S. in action on global warming in front of the State Department.
Isac also serves as the legal liaison on numerous environmental lawsuits involving the Endangered Species Act and the National Environmental Policy Act in addition to managing administrative law cases and intellectual property issues for Greenpeace.
Prior to her tenure with Greenpeace, Isac served as an Assistant Public Defender in Rochester, New York, where she defended the interests of the indigent. As an Assistant Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, she handled civil litigation for violations of consumer protection and antitrust laws. Cases included litigation on telecommunication and insurance fraud.

Isac earned a Bachelor of Arts from Cornell University in 1997 and a Juris Doctor degree in 2001 from Emory University.