João Talocchi

Palm Oil campaigner

Page - January 16, 2014
João Talocchi is Greenpeace US Palm Oil campaigner, working towards the aim of transforming the palm oil industry, taking it from largest driver of deforestation in Indonesia to a truly responsible and sustainable position.

João Talocchi João has dedicated his career to addressing social and environmental issues, with a focus on climate change, having worked for the private sector, NGOs and public institutions. As the former director of the Amazonas State Climate Change Center (CECLIMA), under the State Secretary for Sustainable Development, in his native Brazil, he was responsible for the development and implementation of deforestation and forest fires reduction, environmental services, energy efficiency and renewable energy projects and policies. He has served as the Amazonas State representative for the Amazon Fund Orienting Committee, headed the Amazonas State Climate Change Forum and represented the state at numerous national and international events. Days were shared between meeting with various stakeholders and conducting field trips to monitor deforestation and assess the reality on the ground.
Before that, he served as Greenpeace's climate change and energy campaigner in Brazil and at Greenpeace’s international headquarters in the Netherlands, attending several UNFCC meetings, performing field work during the BP Oil spill and supporting nuclear, coal and renewable energy campaigns in South Africa, China, Mexico, India and Europe. Previously, he worked for Vitae Civilis, a Brazilian NGO engaged in international climate change negotiations, where he developed communications materials and research on technology transfer in the context of climate change. João holds a BA in environmental sciences from the University of São Paulo and started his career in communications, producing wildlife, sports and science-based documentaries for Brazilian and international channels.

Joao is based in NYC and keen to dialogue with corporations, before starting to think about where to place banners.