Kert Davies

Research Director

Page - October 17, 2011
Kert directs Greenpeace's research team, and is also host of Greenpeace Radio. He is a regular source for national and international reporters in his areas of expertise, which include global warming, clean energy, corporate environmental policy and lobbying, and toxics issues.

Kert DaviesHe has been quoted in The New York Times, U.S. News and World Report, The Financial Times, The Baltimore Sun, People, Business Week, and many other national and international publications. His TV and radio appearances include CNN, BBC, MSNBC, NPR, ABC, CBS, and Voice of America.


Kert works closely with investigative journalists and frequently represents Greenpeace at international climate negotiations and scientific conferences. He has also partnered with major global corporations to help them implement solutions to global environmental problems. In 2008, he served as part of a team that convinced Unilever to introduce the first climate-friendly freezers into the United States. He also created and runs the Greenpeace website and blog, which exposes how Exxon Mobil and other polluters have attempted to influence the public debate about global warming.

Kert studied environmental studies at Hampshire College, and received his master's in environmental studies from the University of Montana in 1994. Kert began his environmental career while studying the science and policy of pesticides as a graduate student at the University of Montana, becoming an analyst and researcher for the Pesticide Action Network and the Environmental Working Group. While at the Environmental Working Group from 1994 to 1998, he focused primarily on food residues and methyl bromide, a pesticide associated with ozone layer depletion. In 1998, Kert became the Science Policy Director of Ozone Action, which merged with Greenpeace in 2000.


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