Larry Edwards

Alaska Forest Campaigner

Page - September 30, 2011
Larry, based in Greenpeace's Alaska field office in Sitka, campaigns on several forest and energy-related issues. He has been featured in Alaska Public Radio, The Examiner, AP, and Sit News.

LarryLarry continues work he began over 30 years ago on rainforest issues in Alaska's Tongass National Forest. He also covers nationwide national forest issues, such as the Roadless Rule and the US Forest Service's nationwide forest planning regulations, biomass and biofuels. An engineer, he is also our expert on STES (seasonal thermal energy storage, a means of making produced energy go farther and for enabling use of intermittently available renewable energies) and heat pumps.

Larry is currently working to show how logging in the Tongass National Forest impacts the viability of southeastern Alaska's unique wolf subspecies (the Alexander Archipelago wolf) and the availability of deer to subsistence hunters. His work led to lawsuits involving five timber projects, filed in 2008 and 2010 against the Forest Service. The cases should be decided by the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals in 2011, and concern logging impacts on Sitka black-tailed deer (the wolf's primary prey), wolves and subsistence deer hunters.

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