Rick Hind

Legislative Director

Page - October 17, 2011
Since 1991, Rick has been legislative director of Greenpeace's toxics campaign. He is a go-to source for journalists covering toxics and chemical security issues. He has been quoted in a wide range of national publications including The New York Times, The Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, CBS News, NPR, FOX, and many others.

RickRick is one of the nation's foremost experts on a variety of toxics issues, including security issues related to chemical hazards and the chemical industry, EPA regulations pertaining to toxic incineration, the pulp and paper industry, PVC plastics, and toxic pollutants. He has testified before Congress on multiple occasions and helped lead our successful global campaign to ban some of the world's most dangerous chemicals and prevent new ones from being marketed.

Rick's work to expose the vulnerability of U.S. chemical plants to terrorism and accidents resulted in a feature story on the CBS program 60 Minutes in November 2003. He was also the subject of a front-page story in The Wall Street Journal in January, 2004.

Media Hits

  • NBC Nightly News
  • Chemical & Engineering News - October 8, 2012
    EPA’s Role In Plant Security Challenged
    “The Obama Administration has an enormous opportunity for EPA and DHS to work together using EPA’s prevention authorities in the Clean Air Act to eliminate unnecessary hazards and to reduce the number of targets at which DHS has to rely on conventional security,” Hind says.
  • Global Security Newswire - July 13, 2012
    Obama Loss Could Doom Needed Chemical Security Upgrades: Former Bush EPA Chief
    "Greenpeace legislative director Rick Hind said Jackson late last month “gave the green light for an internal assessment” that would explore all of the agency’s options for dealing with chemical security, including drafting regulations under existing Clean Air Act authorities and supporting new legislation that would specifically mandate new requirements.
  • Chemical & Engineering News - April 23, 2012
    Preventing Chemical Disasters
    "Addressing chemical facility security through regulation—not legislation—is something President Barack Obama promised when he was campaigning in 2008, Hind adds. In his book “Change We Can Believe In,” Obama states: “An Obama administration will: Secure our chemical plants by setting a clear set of federal regulations that all plants must follow, including … where possible, using safer technology, such as less toxic chemicals.”
  • Federation of American Scientists - Public Interest Report Fall 2011
    Will Chemical Disaster Prevention Finally Be Implemented in 2012?
  • The Hill - June 28, 2011
    Serial hijackings leave millions at risk of a chemical disaster
    "Disaster prevention gained momentum in 2009 after the DHS and EPA urged Congress to conditionally require safer processes, where feasible, and to close security gaps at refineries, water treatment and other facilities. November 6, 2009 the House did exactly that in adopting H.R. 2868. But after supporting safer processes in 2006, Republicans opposed it in 2009. Even with broad union support, King.."
  • Democracy Now -December 24, 2008
  • New York Times - March 22, 2006
    Chertoff Seeks a Chemical Security Law, Within Limits
  • New York Times - September 22, 2004
    Lots of Chemicals, Little Reaction
  • The Wall Street Journal - January 23, 2004
    Graffiti Artists Put Their Mark On War Against Terrorism