Energy [R]evolution 2010 Executive Summary

Publication - June 23, 2010
The threat of climate change demands nothing short of an Energy Revolution--a transformation that has already started, as renewable energy markets exhibit huge and steady growth. In the first global edition of the Energy [R]evolution, published in January 2007, we projected a global installed renewable capacity of 156 GW by 2010. At the end of 2009, 158 GW has been installed. More needs to be done, however. At the core of this revolution will be a change in the way that energy is produced, distributed and consumed.

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Executive summary: The five key principles behind this shift will be to:

• Implement renewable solutions, especially through decentralized energy systems

• Respect the natural limits of the environment

• Phase out dirty, unsustainable energy sources

• Create greater equity in the use of resources

• Decouple economic growth from the consumption of fossil fuels

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