Greener Electronics Apple Ranking - 6th Edition

Publication - November 27, 2007
Apple moves up one place to 11th position, having posted new information that all new iMacs and many of the iPods are now sold with bromine-free casings and printed circuit board laminates as well as PVC-free internal cables. The company has committed to eliminate all uses of PVC and brominated flame retardants (BFRs) in its products by the end of 2008. Apple also provides examples of additional substances that it plans to eliminate (with timelines), such as arsenic in LCDs and mercury as well as providing “Material Safety Data Sheets” for all of its products. But Apple still needs to provide a strong commitment to the precautionary principle and to Individual Producer Responsibility, post its Restricted/Banned Substance list on the web and improve coverage of its takeback programs.

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