During the month of October students at college campuses all across the country will be standing up for clean energy.

It's time to Quit Coal and move towards cleaner energy sources.  This will mean green jobs and a cleaner energy future for our generation.  I just graduated from college in 2010 and it is so inspiring for me to see the youth of our generation playing an active role in deciding the future of our nation's energy needs.

Young people all across the country have already taken it upon themselves to show legislators and decision-makers what our vision of the future is.  Our vision does not include dirty fossil fuels like coal and oil.  From the recent tar sands action in Washington DC to the actions against coal fired power at college campuses across the country, students everywhere are standing up and calling for renewable energy.

It is now time for students to challenge university administrators to take the first step towards Quitting Coal on college campuses.  Next month, students will be participating in creative actions to get the attention of local decision-makers and make them rethink their reliance on dirty coal.  

Join the movement in October by taking action on your campus! Register here and we will send you updates through email about 100% Clean including event ideas and organizing tips.