Quit Coal Chicago

UPDATE: we are now at over 11,000 emails sent to Ted Craver, CEO of Edison International. Add your voice right away!

Greenpeace activists are still occupying the very top of the 450-foot smokestack at the Fisk power plant in Chicago.

To support the activists and Chicagoans who want healthier air to breathe, over 8,000 people have sent emails to the coal plant owner, Edison International, CEO’s Ted Craver.

The outpouring of public support, so far, has been amazing.

Over 50 local calls have been placed to Mayor Rahm Emanuel. We’ve heard that the volume of phone calls has caused the mayor’s office to shut down their phone lines.

Hundreds of people are sharing the story on Twitter and Facebook.

And, the stories about the activity have appeared on TreeHugger, Alternet, Chicago Tribune and Sun-Times.

Stay tuned for more updates.