coal plant

In an effort to ensure that residents in Texas receive the same Clean Air Act protections as the rest of the nation—a court ordered the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) to implement regulations for big industrial polluters for greenhouse gases.

Texas has flat out refused to follow national guidelines for regulating greenhouse gas emissions by filing three cases in the federal courts to block EPA's greenhouse gas pollution reduction policies. Luckily, their objections have been rejected three times.

Even if the Texas State government bows to industry pressure to weaken environmental laws, it’s reassuring to know that these Texas communities have the support of the EPA.

Greenpeace will continue to support and work with the communities in Texas who are trying to protect themselves by fighting coal plants that make their families sick and drive climate change. 

We’ll continue to be vigilant, as more attempts to gut the Clean Air Act at the behest of industry are sure to come, both from governors like Rick Perry and members of Congress.