The Greenpeace ship Arctic Sunrise is returning to the US to kick off the Coal Free Future Tour.

Across the country, communities are joining together to take on the coal plants in their backyard. Like so many of us, these people are tired of coal companies putting their health and their lives at risk, while threatening the very future of our planet. Greenpeace is ramping up join that movement and take on the coal industry in the greatest struggle of our time

Starting next week, the Arctic Sunrise will tour the East Coast, inspiring us to imagine a coal-free future – one in which communities are more powerful than coal executives, where politicians stand up for people, not polluter profits, and where clean energy has replaced dirty coal.

I’ll have the honor of sailing with the incredible crew on board, and swapping stories and strategies with dozens of citizen activists along the way. We're planning candlelight vigils, non-violence trainings, and marches. And at each top there will be opportunities for Greenpeace supporters to tour and visit the ship.

Stay tuned for more updates, and check out this page for more details.