The brave activists who crashed the Danish Queen's dinner for Heads of State last week in Copenhagen are being held for three weeks, according to the last report I heard. They managed to gain entry to the dinner and held up two banners calling on the world leaders assembled at that posh dinner to lead at the UN climate summit.

We need to let the Danish government know that we're watching how they (over)react to this situation, so can you please fan this Facebook page? More importantly, you'll be showing our activists that you support them (there's also an email address availble to send a personal message, if you choose).

Greenpeace Head of State crashes Danish Queen's dinner
© Scanpix / Jens Norgaard Larsen

Juantxo and Nora, pictured above, plus two other activists, are still being held by the Danish government.

While our activists remain in jail, the real climate criminals — so-called world "leaders" who failed miserably to move the world forward in dealing with the climate crisis — all flew home in style in their comfy private airplanes. If you just go fan this Facebook page it is a quick and easy way to show your support and keep pressure on the Danish government. Thanks.