New York Times Opinion columnist and Times magazine's food columnist, Mark Bittman, has an article out today exploring the idea of a boycott on tuna similar to 1988 when a consumer boycott was undertaken around concerns of dolphins dying in tuna fishing nets.

Bittman cites Greenpeace's recent work to draw attention to the destructive fishing practices of the tuna industry that are resulting in the unessesary death of sea turtles, sharks, rays and many of other marine animals considered "bycatch."

Bittman writes:

"I wish I'd been in La Jolla a couple of weeks ago to see the green inflatable airship flying overhead with a cartoon mermaid on one side. She was curvy and blonde, with a cigarette in her mouth and a bloody fish impaled on her trident. Around her was text that read, "Chicken of the Sea: Carnage in a Tuna Can."

Are we looking at another tuna boycott?" [note: Greenpeace is not]

Below is the video Bittman is refering to and while you're at please take a moment check out our new wbesite Tuna Secrets to learn more about Chicken of the Sea and the destructive fishing practices of the tuna industry:


Send your message to Chicken of the Sea and tell them to stop ripping up the sea.