Oil rig in the Gulf

Three out of four Americans believe Exxon Mobil and the other major oil companies should pay their fair share in taxes, instead of receiving taxpayer welfare.

But, despite this, an attempt by Democrats to put an end to some of the subsidies failed in the Senate yesterday. Republicans stood firm and filibustered the Senate majority’s attempt to repeal $21 billion in subsidies for the big five oil companies.

These continued tax subsidies leave most Americans scratching their heads since once again, oil companies are posting near record profits. Why do they need tax breaks? There are better ways for the government to spend tens of billions of federal dollars—like investing in projects that will help Americans who are caught in this recession.

After the filibuster, the White House declared that the oil subsidy fight was not over yet.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney, in a statement Tuesday night said, “The vote today—with support from over half the U.S. Senate—is an important step towards repealing these unwarranted subsidies for the oil and gas industry. The Administration will continue to pursue this important reform.”

Greenpeace will also continue to fight for an end to oil subsidies. We need to put the interests of the American people before polluters and stop rewarding dirty oil with millions in subsidies each year.

Thank you to the thousands of public citizens who stood up to Big Oil. Over 26,000 people wrote their Senators asking them to pass this piece of legislation to repeal millions in subsidies.

As Greenpeace pushes on and the White House declares that this fight is far from over, take action by writing your Senator today. It’s not too late to speak up.