Liberty BellRight now I'm in the middle of Delaware Bay sailing to Philadelphia for the next stop of our Coal Free Future Tour. In anticipation, Greenpeace's field organizer in Philly, Myriam Fallon, has written a blog on what is bound to be an exciting few days:

The Arctic Sunrise is on its way to Philadelphia for the second stop on the Coal Free Future Tour.  The ship is traveling up the East Coast to connect with local coal activists and to shine a spotlight on some of the oldest, dirtiest coal plants in the country.  

Here in Pennsylvania, 1,359 people die each year as a result of all the pollution that is spewing from our coal plants. That’s over 3 people a day! And as of 2005, we had more coal plants than any other state. This is clearly a problem since coal is the number one cause of global warming pollution in this country.  

Already utilities are starting to realize that there are smarter ways to power our future. The Cromby Generating station, near Phoenixville, PA is scheduled to shut down in 2012. But there is still a lot of work to be done.

The Arctic Sunrise will be docked at Penn’s Landing for 5 days to discuss the impacts of coal in our state. Join us on Saturday the 29th at 2pm as we march to the Governor’s office to demand liberty from coal. After the march we’ll head back to the ship for a free concert.  

If you can’t make the march but still want to see the ship, it will be open for tours from Friday through Tuesday. Join us as we start to take back our state from the coal industry and push for the transition to clean, renewable energy. To get more infor, you can, RSVP for the march of ship tours here. For more information on coal in PA see our fact sheet.

Photo by Tony the Misfit on Flickr.