Vermonters rally outside federal courthouse in Brattleboro to show support for Vermont in lawsuit with Entergy

Entergy Nuclear’s efforts to run their aging and dangerous reactor past its scheduled closure date were rebuffed again in Vermont last week. Citizens rallied outside the federal courthouse where Entergy is seeking an injunction to keep Vermont Yankee operating despite the state’s decision to close it down.

Many of the folks present at the vigil live within the 10-mile evacuation zone, and know firsthand of Entergy’s incompetence and Vermont Yankee’s history of accidents. From carpenters to mothers and teachers to activists, Vermonters stood shoulder-to-shoulder to declare: “We Support Vermont.”

Entergy’s refusal to accept Vermont’s decision to close the reactor is an affront to the democratic process and the demands of a majority of Vermonters.  Last year, after an ongoing tritium leak, lies about underground piping, and a desire for a renewable energy future, the state senate voted overwhelmingly (26-4) to close Vermont Yankee as scheduled in March 2012. But now, the multibillion-dollar energy company has turned to high-priced lawyers and a federal court.

Whatever happens in the courts, this much is clear: it is the will of the people to close Vermont Yankee, and they will stand at every corner to ensure that happens.