Being an Indian it's hard to explain but I will try...home is the tropics, and the North was always the Himalayas. The roof of the world was Tibet... What a tiny picture of the world, eh? One email and it is split wide open. An offer to travel to Greenland with the Arctic Sunrise, I will never see the world in the same way again. How can you?

How can anyone who has seen life above the Arctic Circle? Heavenly it is, white clouds blanket you and blue skies peek through, promising a boundless outer world even higher. Ice floating along, sometimes like meringues soft creamy and crunchy; or like high mountains jagged and steep idly floating by, or are they journeying?

I had heard of global warming and climate change. They sounded like a real threat, but never did I REALISE it. There is an unimaginable difference between being told and realising! Realisation comes from experience and the understanding that comes with it. It's been dawning on me, like the Arctic summer sun shines after a long dark winter gently lighting up the horizon and then sharply ascending the sky... the boundless sky of knowing. Looking out here is like looking into our past.

It feels like this is the mother of the oceans, the birthplace of currents. I see it is gives life little by little...and no one understands it better than the people who have lived here for thousands of years. The awe I feel for people here and the landscape that shaped them is as enormous and endless as the ice I see around me. It's a hard life but it's also free. An arctic explorer Knud Rasmussen said that true wisdom can only be found far from the dwellings of man. Could this be a ray of wisdom dawning in me?

A wisdom than shows me how important it is for change to come, how we are all responsible for the choices we make, to keep old traditions close and try and make place for the new.

We must protect our home, it's the only one we have, without bombarding it with things we create... because honestly we might be mighty but not mightier than mother nature... here, nature humbles me... shows me how puny we are and it's beautiful to feel that way. It is the truth. The arctic is a birthplace of life pure and painful. I shall always revere it and respect it, as being here illuming my world, which gets brighter and bigger everyday.

- Isha