1st Annual Artivist Film Festival


Feature story - April 22, 2004
"Greenpeace is honored to be involved in the 1st Annual Artivist Film Festival. Their organization shares in our spirit of social awareness for global issues. United, we can empower the public to stand up and be heard--to be that change that affects our future." -- John Passacantando, Greenpeace Executive Director.

We recently joined with organizers of the first annual Artivist Film Festival, being held at the Egyptian Theater in Los Angeles from April 22-27, 2004. This is the first festival dedicated to addressing social, global, political, animal rights and environmental issues through film, visual arts and music.

The festival honors visionaries of art, activism and social change -- both well-known celebrities and little-known artists just starting to make a name for themselves. Greenpeace is one of four non-profits being honored at the film festival for our efforts to protect and promote activism in this country (others are The Humane Society, Witness Forum and the Child Welfare League of America Forum).

We are involved in the film festival at a number of levels, but perhaps the most important is by pulling together a panel of experts who can talk about the impact of -- and current threats to -- environmental activism in this country. The panel follows a day of screenings on subjects related to environmental activism. The discussion is open to the public attending the festival, including artists, media, students and activists.

Find out more at www.artivistfilmfestival.org.