2003 Toy Report Card


Feature story - May 29, 2003
Which companies made progress? Which didn't? Find out more about PVC and your child's toys.

We released our first Toy Manufacturers' Report Card in February 2000 at the International Toy Fair in New York City. We wanted to inform parents, educators and consumers about how to make sound choices in purchasing toys for small children. We provided current information about toy manufacturers' use of PVC and toxics additives in their products.

The response from concerned parents was overwhelming. This year, we updated the list. Did companies hold firm on their policies to eliminate PVC and toxic additives? Did any companies make improvements? Was there any backsliding?

Here's what we found.

2003 Toy Report Card


A: Excellent, will phase out all PVC products, or products contain no PVC

B: Above average, will phase out some PVC products

C: Average, will eliminate phthalates in toys for children under 3

D: Below average, will eliminate phthalates only in toys intended for the mouth

F: Fail, no policy change

Manufacturer 2000 Grade 2003 Grade Comments
Brio A A Keep up the great work!
Chicco B A Good effort
Discovery Toys C B Could do better
Disney D Inc No reply after repeated inquiries
Evenflo D A What an improvement - bravo!
First Years D C+ Not living up to potential, but keep trying
Gerber A A One of the stars!
Hasbro/Galoob/Playschool D Inc No reply after repeated inquiries
International Playthings (Primetime & Early Start A A One of the stars!
Kids II D Inc no reply after repeated inquiries
Lamaze Infant Development B A Hope you can eliminate PVC in those last three products quickly
Lego Systems A A Still waiting for the elimination of PVC in train wiring
Little Tykes A C May have been misgraded in 2000, what a disappointment
Manhattan Baby F B Incredible improvement - keep it up!
Mattel/Tyco/Fisher Price C C Could do a lot better - keep working at it
Munchkin Inc. F D Barely improved - need to work much harder
Safety First D Inc No reply after repeated inquiries
Sassy A A Please get rid of that one PVC product - the baby photo book
Shelcore C D Very disappointing
Tiny Love A A Great work!
Warner Bros. F Inc No reply after repeated inquiries