Protect People, Not Polluters

Getting our message to the EPA's coal ash public hearing

Feature story - September 28, 2010
Highlighting the need for federal standards to protect public health from hazardous coal waste, activists unfurled a banner reading EPA: PROTECT PEOPLE, NOT POLLUTERS – QUIT COAL at an EPA public hearing in Louisville, KY.

The EPA has been holding public hearings across the country on two vastly different proposals to address the growing toxic waste stream — one would list it as hazardous waste and the other as non-hazardous. Greenpeace is calling for a listing as hazardous, also referred to as a 'special waste designation under Subtitle C' of the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act, based on EPA's own findings. 

"Like Big Oil, Big Coal spends millions to avoid accountability. Already in 2010, the coal industry has contributed more than $13 million in campaign contributions to candidates for federal office,” said Greenpeace campaigner, Robert Gardner. "It's not hard to see why government has failed to act yet, but they can and must now."

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