How to Get Comments on the Roadless Rule in Three Easy Steps

Feature story - September 14, 2004
So you've already sent a comment to the Forest Service asking them to uphold the Roadless Rule. Maybe you believe, unlike the Bush administration, that protecting our national forests is critically important. Perhaps this is one of those environmental assaults that really ticks you off, and you want to fight back. So what can you do? A lot!

Greenpeace activists blockade logging and road-building operations on Kupreanof Island across the Wrangell Narrows from the town of Petersburg, Alaska.

Although we are fighting some very powerful and wealthy interest groups, we know that the overwhelming majority of Americans stand with us. Over 1 million people have already submitted comments - and with your help, we can double that number by November 15.

You can make a big difference by helping collect comments supporting the Roadless Rule. Here are three easy steps you can take:

Step 1:

Send an email to everyone you know asking them to send in a comment online. Here's a sample email you could send (feel free to change the wording):

SUBJECT: Don't Let Our Forests Become Roadkill!

TEXT: I've just taken action to help protect our national forests from the Bush administration's latest assault. The Roadless Area Conservation Rule, which protects 58.5 million acres of public forest land, is in danger of being undermined. You can help by telling the Forest Service that our last remaining wild forests need protection.

National Forests are important because they provide clean drinking water for communities, habitat for thousands of plant and animal species, and opportunities for tourism and recreation like fishing, hiking, and camping. The Forest Service reports that roadless areas in public forests provide almost $600 million in recreational benefits per year. In contrast, logging sales often lose money.

Please join me in telling the Forest Service that our forests are far more valuable to our country if left standing.

You can send your official public comment to the Forest Service here:

If you have a minute more to help, please send this message to concerned friends. Only an enormous public outcry can stop this terrible decision.

You can also post this message on relevant list-servs and discussion groups you belong to (environmental, activist or outdoors groups.) Don't spam by posting to unrelated groups.

Step 2:

Find a friend to help spread the word! If you belong to a campus or local environmental organization, ask fellow members to table with you. Bring a sign-up sheet with you if you do this - it's a great opportunity to recruit new people to your group. Or just bring a friend who wants to help. You should never gather signatures alone.

Print out the Roadless Comment Card (on recycled cardstock) and some information sheets, and you're ready for…

Step 3:

Hit the streets! See if you can find space at school or in front of a natural foods store to set up a table with information, comment cards and a poster. (Hint: FREE CANDY is a great way to draw people to your table.) Be as creative as you like.

If you can't find a spot to set up a table, pick a street corner or other public space with lots of traffic. Have clipboards with postcards and flyers.

One person should "work the crowd' while the other staffs the table. Approach people with a question to catch their interest: "Do you have a minute to help protect old-growth forests?" Then briefly explain the issue: "The Forest Service wants to open hundreds of National Forests up to clearcutting. We need your help to stop them." Have a list of talking points to discuss with people based on their responses.

After you're done, send the completed comment cards back to Greenpeace. We'll deliver them in person to the Forest Service.

Please mail comment cards to:

Erica Stephan

702 H St. Suite 300

Washington, DC 20001

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