Cape Wind's Future in Jeopardy

Feature story - April 11, 2006

Politics is a dirty game, which may explain why there's no love for clean energy projects.  Case in point - Cape Wind: the proposed offshore wind farm that has Congressional players scrambling to blow it out of the water.

A recent Time magazine poll shows that 85 percent of people believe that the Earth's temperature has been increasing over the past 100 years.  Add to that startling new scientific data from Greenland, the backlash surrounding Hurricane Katrina and Bush's own admission that America is addicted to oil, and it's quite clear that global warming is no longer Big Oil's dirty, little secret.  Unfortunately, knowing a problem exists and doing something about it are two different things.

The United States needs to make the switch to clean energy to combat this crisis.  Not only will renewable energy sources like wind and solar help curb global warming, it will also help achieve energy independence.  Cape Wind - a proposed wind farm off Cape Cod - would provide 75 percent of the area's energy needs with clean and safe wind power.  And as America's first offshore wind farm, it will serve as a model for clean energy products throughout the country.  What's not to like?

Clean Energy Adversaries

This proposal has some very big (and very rich) opponents.  The wind farm is slated for Nantucket Sound in Massachusetts and a few property owners in the area are less than thrilled with the idea of having wind turbines dot their multi-million dollar views of the water, despite the turbines being more than five miles away.  These outspoken critics have friends in high places that have managed to put the future of America's first offshore wind farm in jeopardy.

On April 6, a conference committee signed off on an amendment to a spending bill that would grant veto power over Cape Wind to the governor of Massachusetts.  Governor Mitt Romney is an outspoken opponent of the project and if Congress accepts the bill it will be the end of Cape Wind.

Take Action!  

Don't let this backroom deal unravel years of hard work to make Cape Wind a reality.  Contact your senators and urge them to strip this disastrous language from the spending bill before it's too late.