Forest Coalition Calendar

Get active September through October!

Feature story - September 11, 2004
Defend our endangered national forests from the Bush administration! Make plans now to participate in our weeks of action mid- September through October.

Greenpeace activists and local residents stop roadbuilding and timber operations in an area of the Alaskan rainforest where clearcutting is taking place.

This is it. In the next few months the fate of millions of acres of our national forests may be decided. We are witnessing the worst environmental presidency ever, from eliminating the Roadless Rule and opening the door to private control of public lands, to approving the largest logging project in modern history. This will be our last opportunity before November to organize a critical mass that can send a clear message to decision-makers that our endangered national forests are not for sale.

Join forest activists around the nation as we send our strongest message ever to the Bush administration. During the weeks of action, we will let the Bush administration and other decision-makers know that the public wants to see our national forests preserved and protected for future generations.


September 24, PORTLAND, OR: Concert for the Forests. Remember that unforgettable concert in 1995 around the NW Forest Plan? Well, hold on, because it's happening again. For more information contact Jasmine Minbashian, (360) 319-3111

October 4, SOUTHERN OREGON: Bring It On: The Biggest Protest in Oregon. If there were any time for forest activists to gather in mass and make one last stand before November, this is it. Join us in one of the biggest forest protests in the history of Oregon. For more information contact Jeanette Russell, , (406) 542-7565 or register at

October 4, NATIONAL: National Call-in Day. Details to follow.

October 24, VIRGINIA: Join community activists working to preserve the beauty of Southern Appalachia and protect their families from logging-induced landslides. Activities will include grassroots protests, the Forest Rescue Station and other colorful demonstrations by Greenpeace, and a major public rally and benefit concert with the Blue Highways bluegrass band to oppose logging on High Knob, where the US Forest Service-approved logging has contributed to massive flooding and 27 landslides, which swept away homes and killed a man. For more information contact Andrew George, , (919) 933-3073

An up-to-date list of events will be posted at A "Now or Never for National Forests" organizing toolkit will be sent out in early September.

ARE YOU IN? We invite activists everywhere to consider taking action during this time to alert the public to the danger our forests face. Activists in every region will be holding town hall meetings, protests, presentations, and forest tours, issuing reports and news releases, and criticizing the Bush Administration's plans to pillage our forests in order to create a strong drumbeat for change. Please join this effort by participating in these events, or by planning one of your own.

SEE YOU IN THE WOODS! Remember, the best arguments against the Bush administration's logging plans are the timber sales themselves. During "Now and Never for National Forests - Weeks of Action to Defend our Endangered National Forests," one of the strongest actions you can take is to bring citizens and media out into the threatened forests the Bush administration is targeting. Seeing is believing!

For more information please contact: Andrew George, National Forest Protection Alliance, (919) 933-3973, ; Anne Martin, American Lands Alliance, (509) 624-5657, ; or Steve Holmer, Unified Forest Defense Campaign, (202) 429-2647,