Global Day of Action Against Whaling

Feature story - January 17, 2006

Today, Greenpeace staff and supporters around the world participated in a global day of action against whaling. Here in Washington, D.C., that meant sending a message to Congress and the administration in the form of a giant whale tail in front of the Capitol building and a banner that read, "America Says Stop Killing Whales."

Seventeen governments also showed their support for an end to whaling in a diplomatic letter to the government of Japan. The U.S. was NOT among the nations calling on Japan to halt fatal "scientific research" on whales. The participating countries included the United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, Spain, Italy, New Zealand, Ireland, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Portugal, Austria, Belgium, Finland, Luxembourg and Sweden.

Today's efforts were part of a much larger campaign to put a stop to the brutal practice of whaling. Two of our ships, the Esperanza and the Arctic Sunrise, have been in the Southern Ocean near Antarctica for more than a month, confronting the Japanese whaling fleet and working tirelessly to protect whales from the fleet's harpoons.

But the most important part of this effort is our corporate campaign against Gorton's of Gloucester. Gorton's, the fisherman you used to trust, is actually a wholly-owned subsidiary of a Japanese whaling company. That means that every box of frozen fish sticks you buy from Gorton's ends up profiting a company that slaughters and sells whales for meat.

That's why despite all of our efforts to stop the brutality of whale slaughter, we can't win this effort without YOU. Please, STOP buying any products from Gorton's, and be sure to tell your friends and family to stop buying as well. Then, TELL GORTON'S that whaling is bad for business.

Help prove us right, and bring new meaning to our banner. Show the world that, "America Says Stop Killing Whales."

HOW YOU CAN HELP: Join the Global Day of Action!

Take Action >> Send a message to Gorton's and tell them to reel in its Japanese parent company and help put an end to whaling.

Whale Watching Parties >> Help us spread the word about modern-day whaling and Gorton's role in the slaughter. Join us on January 27, to send a strong message to Gorton's. We can help you locate a party near you where you can join other whale supporters and help put an end to the slaughter once and for all.

Send an e-card >> to your friends and family, and tell them to spread the word too. It will take massive public outrage to make a real impact on Gorton's, America's largest seafood company.

Discuss this issue >> visit our message board forum and let the world know what you think of the whalers.