Exposing Apple's Core

Feature story - January 9, 2007
It was holy week in Apple land at the MacWorld Expo. But while we waited hopefully for Steve Jobs to announce better environmental practices, less toxic contents, and the greener apple we've all been dreaming of, all we got was a phone. OK, it's a totally cool phone, but still, it's a phone. We want an industrial revolution!

Getting to the Core

It's a new year, time for new beginnings... time for a fresh green Apple. For years we have been asking for a greener Apple and so we turned one green in San Francisco, just blocks from the MacWorld expo.

As this year's MacWorld expo kicked off in San Francisco, we wanted to show the participants what's really beneath the skin of their favorite Apple products. Greenpeace activists projected giant images of the Asian scrapyards where many electronic products - including those made by Apple - end up at the end of their lives.  Images of electronics being melted down, taken apart and releasing toxic chemicals were displayed above the front of the Apple store.

New Beginnings

It's a new year and we are all making resolutions for a greener 2007.  This week Steve Jobs will step into the limelight and deliver his keynote address at the MacWorld expo. Call Steve Jobs right now and tell him this year, you want a greener Apple!

Get the Scoop on MacWorld

We'll be here at Macworld all week, so follow what we're up to by reading our blog.

Last month, we turned the Big Apple green.  Check out the pictures.