It's Time to Bury the Fossil Fuel Dinosaur

Feature story - July 12, 2005
We all know by now that fossil fuels are causing global warming, and that it’s time to make the switch to renewable energy and find a way out of our oil addiction. But someone forgot to share the news with ExxonMobil. When it comes to dinosaur fossil fuel companies, Exxon is the biggest and the meanest of the pack.

Exxon is a fossil fuel dinosaur: It's time to embrace clean energy technology like wind and solar.

ExxonMobil has spent millions to confuse the public about global warming by denying scientific findings and derailing policies that would solve the problem. And Exxon has been directly linked to influencing the Bush administration's backwards policies on global warming. Exxon is not part of the solution, it IS the problem.

Record Gas Prices = Record Profits

You are spending more to gas up and its going in Exxon's pocket.  On July 28, ExxonMobil released its earnings report for the second quarter of 2005, earning a whopping  $7.84 billion in net income.

Let's put this in perspective.  A net income of $7.84 billion in three months breaks down to:

  • $2.6 billion/month;
  • $87.1 million/day;
  • $3.6 million/hour;
  • More than $60 thousand/minute; and
  • $1,000/second!

Can you say "Stop thief!"?

That's why Greenpeace has been working to expose Exxon's secrets since 2001. And now, some of the nation's largest and best-respected environmental and political organizations are joining the fight with the ExxposeExxon campaign.

We've proven that Exxon is a beast. Now it's up to you to slay the dragon and save the world. It's simple:

  • Don't buy ExxonMobil gas
  • Don't invest in Exxon stock
  • Don't work for Exxon

Help make Exxon exxtinct.

Tell Exxon's CEO to get out of the Stone Age and embrace clean energy technology.