Major Supermarkets Pull Unsustainable Seafood!

Feature story - July 30, 2008
Two large supermarket chains – Stop & Shop and Giant Food - are going to stop selling shark, orange roughy and Chilean sea bass until their populations rebound. It's a huge victory for the oceans!

Stop & Shop and Giant Food are owned by Amsterdam based Royal Ahold. In addition to removing these three seafood species from sale, Ahold has also committed to improving the information it gives its customers and supporting policy efforts to help our oceans.

Just last month, Greenpeace released a supermarket ranking report where Ahold was ranked second in regards to seafood sustainability. In the report, Greenpeace called on 20 of the top U.S. supermarket retailers to improve their seafood purchasing practices and stop selling destructively and overfished seafood. Chilean sea bass, orange roughy and shark were at the top of the Greenpeace "red list." The recent announcement from Ahold is welcomed news for these highly imperiled fish.

Take action

Flex your power as a consumer and tell the other large U.S. supermarket retailers to step up to the plate by adopting sustainable seafood policies and taking imperiled seafood off their shelves.