Seven years to save the Amazon

Feature story - October 4, 2007
Seven years? It's a tall order but we have a cunning plan. Together with eight other national campaigning organizations, our Brazilian team have launched an ambitious proposal with a goal of zero deforestation by 2015.

The plan published yesterday, sets out specific targets that could see deforestation drop gradually over the next seven years, pushing for a cut of 25 percent in the first year compared to figures for 2005/6. It's thinking on a massive scale, but we believe it can be done - with deforestation rates already falling and with a concerted effort it really could happen.

To achieve this, the proposal contains a few key elements, none of which are particularly radical but together with tough reduction targets add up to a powerful package. One is to create financial incentives that promote forest protection rather than forest destruction, so everyone is encouraged to make use of the forest in a truly responsible manner than has been the case up until now.