Take action: Contact the Prosecutor about the real whaling scandal

Feature story - July 25, 2008
What would happen if Japan's Supreme Public Prosecutor's office was inundated by letters calling for the whale meat investigation to be re-opened? Join us to find out! On this page we've prepared a card you can print, stick and post yourself, and a list of talking points you could use if you prefer to write a personal letter instead. Be creative!

First, a message from Greenpeace Japan 


More than 250,000 Greenpeace supporters sent protest emails to the Japanese Prime Minister to release our scandal-busting activists, Junichi and Toru, who were arrested in May. And it worked -- after 26 days in custody, they were released! 

The Japanese Prosecutor attempted to block their release, but failed and Junichi and Toru have now been reunited with their families and are now awaiting trial.  

Appealing against their release, the public prosecutor argued that the numbers of people who sent these letters was "questionable" -- this despite the fact that every single email was double-checked by you. In other words, the Japanese Government doesn't believe you exist. Now we need you to give them unquestionable proof of support for Junichi and Toru:

Take action  

Five minutes:

Download this PDF, print it, fold it into an envelop, stamp it and post it.

More time, greater effect:

Write a personal letter or card and post it. (Read further on this page)

Guide to writing your own letter:

Key points:

  • Do not feel you have to use formal or elaborate phrases.
  • Straightforward, polite wording is always acceptable.
  • Follow the talking points we have outlined.
  • Use language that is natural to you, and always keep the tone polite and respectful.

Things to write about:

  • You could ask any one (or many) of the many questions which have been left unanswered by the Japanese Government whaling program. 
  • Ask why the Prosecutor dropped his investigation on the same day as the Greenpeace activists were arrested.

Beginning the letter

You can usually start by identifying yourself or referring to the issue.


  • I am a taxi driver working in NYC, and I am very concerned about the Japanese whaling program, especially the whale meat embezzlement scandal exposed by Greenpeace.  OR
  • I understand that you have dropped your investigation into the whale meat scandal that Greenpeace exposed.

Making your request

The central part of your letter should make these two specific requests to the Prosecutor, which should be to ask him to:

  • To re-open the investigation into the whale meat embezzlement scandal which Greenpeace was arrested for exposing.
  • To drop the charges against Junichi and Toru

Ending your letter


  • I look forward to hearing from you on this important matter.
  • I would be grateful if you could confirm that you will re-open the investigation

Try to include a phrase that encourages a reply. Make sure your name is clearly legible: printing in capitals helps.

Yours respectfully or Yours sincerely are the best endings. 

Address to write to

Keiichi Tadaki, Hon Prosecutor General,

Haruo Kasama, Deputy Prosecutor General

Supreme Public Prosecutors Office

1-1-1 Kasumigaseki