Live: Six Greenpeace Climbers Scale Shell’s Arctic-bound Oil Rig

April 30, 2015

Six Greenpeace climbers have intercepted an Arctic-bound Shell oil rig in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, 750 miles north-west of Hawaii and have scaled the 38,000 tonne platform.

Duke Energy Balloon Banner

The Greenpeace "One World" hot air ballon flies in Charlotte, N.C., Tuesday, May 5, 2015, with banners that demand Duke stop blocking access to solar energy. Photo by Jason Miczek/Greenpeace

North Carolina is one of only four states in the country where electric utilities have a true monopoly. That means one power company can provide electricity to all residential, commercial and industrial customers in a region. Not only is Duke Energy a monopoly utility in North Carolina, it’s also the biggest electric utility in the country.

As the only option for electricity service for most of our state, Duke has free reign to run its business at the expense of the people and the planet. Today,Duke Energy sources less than 1% of its electricity generation from renewable resource like wind and solar and only intends to increase this to a measly 4% over the next 15 years.

Currently, North Carolinians who want to power their homes and businesses with clean energy can only do so if they have the financial capital to purchase a solar system outright. Meanwhile in states like Texas, Arizona and Utah,people can work with a solar company to finance a no money down solar installation. These solar financing options are available in 25 states across the country and because of their success continue to spread. In another 21 states the status of these laws are unclear. Only four states, including North Carolina, have an outright ban on energy democracy.

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