Rate hikes unnecessary, illogical and ill-timed

October 15, 2012

Greenpeace is condemning moves today by Duke Energy to file for a rate hike for North Carolina customers formerly served by Progress Energy. Today’s request comes soon after the controversial merger of Duke and Progress Energy, which made Duke the largest regulated utility in the nation.

“The revenue from this rate increase will go to pay for dirty coal power and dangerous, expensive nuclear energy instead of cheaper, cleaner renewable energy options that are all around us,” said Greenpeace Spokesperson Robert Gardner.

Greenpeace’s recently released report, Charting the Correction Course, details how the newly formed company can save the people of North Carolina more than $108 billion dollars by switching to clean, renewable energy.

“North Carolina is being locked into a bleak energy future that gives Duke Energy a blank check to continue raising rates for dirty energy. These rate increases are unnecessary, illogical and ill-timed,” Mr Gardner said.

“With the economy as it is, people can ill afford yet another rate hike from this energy behemoth. Duke and Progress need to reassess their out dated and costly business model, and take North Carolina towards a future it deserves.”

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