Greenpeace Action Delivers Message to RFK, Jr.

July 6, 2010

Greenpeace’s Global Warming and Energy Campaign challenged the Alliance to Protect Nantucket Sound today as it hosted Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. aboard the Spirit of Massachusetts. Two Greenpeace boats pulled alongside the event with banners reading "Bobby You Are On The Wrong Boat," "Wind Power Protects Nantucket Sound" and delivered a package to Kennedy, encouraging him not to abandon his environmental principles. The alliance’s event is part of an ongoing NIMBY (Not in My Backyard) campaign to defeat the visionary wind farm proposed for the waters off of Cape Cod.

"Mr. Kennedy has championed efforts to clean up America's dirtiest power plants and is a supporter of renewable energy. Unfortunately, now he is abandoning his environmental principles and taking a boat tour with a big oil executive who opposes the most important renewable energy project in New England," said Chris Miller of Greenpeace. "People throughout the United States need to know that Robert Kennedy is on the wrong boat."

For more than a decade, Greenpeace has worked successfully to bring offshore wind to Europe and now the industry is strongly supported by politicians and the public. The proposed offshore wind in Cape Cod will provide 75 percent of the Cape and Island's energy needs without spewing any asthma-causing pollution or adding to the growing threat from global warming. This project has gone through extensive review and found no lasting environmental impacts. When built, it will help clean the Cape's air and protect its water and will become a scenic attraction for tourists.

"Given the fact that Mr. Kennedy's own children suffer from asthma and he has worked tirelessly on these issues in support of wind power, he should join Greenpeace and countless other environmental groups in support of the project" continued Miller. "It's time for RFK, Jr. to lead the Cape and Islands toward a clean energy revolution. It's about a vision for healthy oceans, not the view from the Kennedy compound."

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