Greenpeace activists held a demonstration today, using a bus outfitted as a giant tissue box to protest at the entrance of Kimberly-Clark's largest mill facility in North America. The activists are refusing to move until the company agrees to meet with Greenpeace representatives and establishes a timeline to end sourcing wood fiber from logging operations in the Boreal forest.

Two activists have locked their arms into the giant tissue box, with a banner between them reading "Kleenex=Ancient Forest Destruction." The protest is the latest in Greenpeace's campaign to highlight Kimberly-Clark's irresponsible logging practices and continuing deception about these practices to consumers and investors alike. This action follows a blockade set up last week at the company's headquarters in Turin, Italy. View slideshow.

"Time and again, Kimberly-Clark has refused to admit what we have proven to be true - that they are engaged in the destruction of ancient forests," said Ginger Cassady, Greenpeace forests campaigner. "Greenpeace is here to expose the company's role in forest destruction. We will stay here until they meet with us and agree to stop destroying our world's oldest and most precious forests."

The giant tissue box was deployed at the main entrance of the facility which Greenpeace revealed to be a key processing facility for old-growth trees from the Boreal forest. The Boreal forest is considered one of the best defenses against global warming pollution because it stores large amounts of land-bound carbon. When the forest is clearcut for products like Kleenex, the trees and plants release this carbon becoming a significant contributor to global warming pollution. Greenpeace has been actively campaigning to expose and change Kimberly-Clark's practices since 2005.

More than 680 companies have signed up to participate in Greenpeace's "Forest Friendly 500" program and have pledged not to buy Kimberly-Clark brands. Recent Leger Marketing polling shows that over 80 percent of Americans are likely to buy recycled tissue paper products and even pay more to protect ancient forests. "Clearly, Kimberly-Clark is not concerned about what consumers want or the growing trend of environmentally sustainable marketing," continued Cassady. "Many companies have implemented policies to protect ancient forests, it's time for Kimberly-Clark to do the same."

Stretching from Newfoundland to the Yukon, the Boreal forest is referred to as the `Amazon of the North' and represents over twenty-five percent of the world's remaining intact ancient forests. It is home to numerous native communities, and nearly fifty percent of all North American bird species, ranging from hummingbirds to bald eagles, use this forest for nesting and breeding grounds.

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