Greenpeace Responds to Resolute’s CEO Richard Garneau

by Rodrigo Estrada Patiño

March 3, 2017

On March 02, 2017 Resolute Forest Products’ CEO Richard Garneau published an editorial in the National Review commenting on Greenpeace defendants pleadings in the pending RICO case filed by the logging company in the Court for the Southern District of Georgia last May. General Counsel for Greenpeace in the US Tom Wetterer said in response:

“Mr. Garneau is claiming that Greenpeace is backing down on its claim that Resolute destroys forests, but nothing could be further from the truth.  As we have made clear, both outside of court and in our legal pleadings, Resolute’s irresponsible practices are permanently altering the resilience of the forest and impair its ability support the viability of woodland caribou.  We called Resolute a Forest Destroyer because it is destroying what  is essential to the forest, an assessment that was based on thorough scientific research that has been corroborated by independent scientists.  We stand by that assessment.  Now, Resolute is trying to twist our legal arguments and spin more lies about Greenpeace in a continuing effort to silence us and bully us into backing down from our legitimate advocacy work, but we have no intention of doing so.”


Media contact:

Rodrigo Estrada,, 202-478-6632


Rodrigo Estrada Patiño

By Rodrigo Estrada Patiño

Rodrigo Estrada Patiño is the Senior Communications Specialist. He focuses on the organization's work to protect free speech and support the legal fights of our campaigns. He has covered forests, climate change, energy — and especially oil and toxic chemicals in the past. Rodrigo has been quoted in a wide range of national and international articles by CNN, Bloomberg, The Washington Post, Vice, Reforma, La Nación, and many more.

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