Greenpeace’s Reaction to Bush Administration’s Rollback of Protections for National Forests

July 6, 2010

Greenpeace issued the following statement today in opposition to the Bush administration’s decision to repeal the Roadless Area Conservation Rule enacted in 2001.

"More than four million comments have been submitted by the American people voicing their overwhelming support to protect our last remaining ancient forests.

But the pro-industry Bush administration continues to undermine the ability of American people to have a voice in the way our public lands are managed."

"The Bush plan will strip protections for national forests that were finalized in January 2001 after years of scientific study and 600 local public hearings. It was one of the largest land conservation efforts since Theodore Roosevelt created the national forest system 100 years ago, and now Bush is selling off our public lands to corporate interests."

"America's forests provide clean water for communities, habitat for thousands of animal and plant species, and economic opportunities from tourism and recreation like fishing and camping. They are a public trust too valuable to be destroyed.

"Under the Bush plan being released today, protections against new road building, logging, mining and industrial development in national forests will become voluntary. No matter how the administration talks about this plan, Americans shouldn't be fooled. Their forests are up for sale."

Other contacts: Jane Kochersperger, Media Officer (202) 319-2493 (direct); (202) 415-5477 (cell) Ginger Cassady, Forest Campaigner (415) 640-7155 (cell)

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