Greenpeace statement on Kerry-Lieberman-Graham ‘compromise’

In response to the framework for climate legislation released today by Senators Kerry, Lieberman, and Graham, Greenpeace USA Executive Director Phil Radford issued the following statement:

"While the 'compromise' outlined by Senators Kerry, Lieberman, and Graham might please nuclear, coal and oil companies, we can't compromise with our climate.  Pouring money into dirty energy will just make the problem worse.

"President Obama promised to stop letting polluter lobbyists write our nation's energy plan, but this plan would squander billions of taxpayer dollars subsidizing dangerous nuclear plants - easy targets for terrorists - encourage more oil drilling in protected places, and ensure a future for the climate-killing coal industry.  The only future ensured for coal should be in the ground.

"As countries seek to forge a global deal at the UN Climate talks in Copenhagen, all eyes are on the United States.  This framework is an insult to the hundreds of millions of people who are already facing the impacts of climate change, and President Obama can't support this and still claim to be a leader in Copenhagen."


Other contacts: Joe Smyth, Greenpeace communications, 831-566-5647, Rolf Skar, Greenpeace Senior Campaigner, 415-533-2888,

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