Six Activists Acquitted of all Charges in J20 Protest Trial

Greenpeace statement

by Rodrigo Estrada Patiño

December 21, 2017

Today, six defendants facing up to fifty years in prison were cleared of all charges connected with their protest on the day of Donald Trump’s inauguration. Over 230 people were initially charged under a dragnet conspiracy theory that prosecutors alleged made attending a protest, or lending support to protesters, criminal conduct. Greenpeace USA Attorney Maggie Ellinger-Locke said in response:

“The jury’s decision clearing all six defendants on 42 charges for exercising constitutional rights is a tremendous victory for free speech. This verdict is inspiring in times when protest and public advocacy are under attack. The outcome is proof that people can win when organized to resist the crackdown on dissent. We remain confident that today’s decision will be echoed in the remainder of the 188 cases and ultimately demonstrate that the voices of the people cannot be silenced.”

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Rodrigo Estrada,

Rodrigo Estrada Patiño

By Rodrigo Estrada Patiño

Rodrigo works in the Communications Department at Greenpeace USA. He focuses on the organization's work on forests. He has covered climate change, energy - specially oil - and toxic chemicals in the past. Rodrigo has been quoted in a wide range of national and international articles by CNN, Bloomberg, The Washington Post, Vice, Reforma, La Nación, and many more.

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