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The GREEN ZINE is a volunteer program where individuals submit their creative work to Greenpeace’s Medium site: GREEN ZINE. We take in contributions of writing and work to promote community, activism, creativity, and of course, environmentalism. GREEN ZINE is a platform that promotes the writing of the Greenpeace community while allowing people to be in community with other creative people passionate about protecting the planet and its inhabitants. Interested?

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  1. Read “Get Started with the GREEN ZINE” (The first blog on GREEN ZINE with all the info you need to get started!)
  2. Make a Medium Account
  3. Fill out this form!
  4. Brainstorm, write, and pick a goal date for submitting your piece.
  5. Submit your post to GREEN ZINE, check out & join the FB community for GREEN ZINE contributors, and visit GREEN ZINE to share your post, clap for other posts, and more!

Got stuck on trying to figure out Medium?

No worries! We all need some help sometimes that’s ok! Unfortunately, since Greenpeace does not own Medium we can only help minimally with technical difficulties. Given that, we will do our best to support you. You can reach out to for any questions.

Otherwise, here are some tips that might help you!

GREEN ZINE is a volunteer-led platform where Greenpeace supporters can share their writing and creativity with the Greenpeace community while building relationships with other Greenpeace volunteers. GREEN ZINE is a community that is open to all but we particularly encourage voices from marginalized communities.

We hope GREEN ZINE contributors will use the platform to amplify their opinions about environmental and social justice issues. However, views expressed here may or may not represent the voice, opinions, or policy stances of Greenpeace.

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