Perspectives: Our Next Fifty Years

As our 50th anniversary neared, we had many options for marking the occasion. We could reflect on our powerful origin story, our history, or our campaigns. We could marvel at the progress we've made, both as an organization and a planet—conversely, we could look at the places we've lost ground or fallen short of our ultimate goal of a green and peaceful future.

Instead, we wanted to usher in this new era with hope. With resolve. With our steadfast commitment to justice.

In celebration of 50 years, we invited several distinct voices from across Greenpeace US to share their experiences and hopes for the future, as we look ahead to the possibilities we can build together. In these essays, we reflect briefly on our first fifty years and celebrate our wins. But more importantly, we lay out the future we are building together—collaborative, ambitious, and intersectional.

The work ahead won't be easy, but we've never shied away from hard work. We continue to push for policies that recognize the contributions and leadership of marginalized groups, and we amplify their voices, looking to their wisdom to show us the way. We hold corporations accountable, demanding real action that puts people ahead of profit.

We recognize that equality is not necessarily justice. We demand more from our leaders, from our colleagues, and from ourselves.

A green and peaceful world isn't just a slogan—it is our mission, and it takes each one of us to get there. Our commitment to you is to continue to work each day with our partners to co-create a green, safe planet for all beings.