Join the Social Media Hive

Join the social media hive community! We're going to generate a hive of social media support to fight for a green and peaceful future.


Social media is powerful. Around the world, people are using social media channels to advocate, activate, strategize, and connect. Social media has helped built movements (#MeToo, #TakeAKnee, #MarchforOurLives) and has become integral to activism and spreading solidarity.

We’re looking for people, like you, to join Greenpeace’s Social Media Hive community. Hive members unite online to take action and to fight for a more just and livable future. Each month, the Social Media Hive focuses on a different Greenpeace tactic targeting a corporation, politician, or really any entity harming our planet. So far, we have been building a robust community by gathering together online each month where we have been working to incorporate community and strengthen our environmental justice lenses. We also debrief the tactic, share about what is happening in our communities, and focus on fighting the next big issue.

Greenpeace and our supporters like you know how to pull-off brand attacks — corporations know how much power we have to go after their public image, and it’s one of the ways people like you have brought about big victories for our communities. When we take action like this together and support each other while doing it, we have the power to challenge anything threatening the people and places we care about.  

Join the hive today:

  1. Fill out this form. This will allow us to contact you about Hive related activities!
  2. Create a Twitter account. Twitter is key to our work in the Social Media Hive – so if you don’t have an account yet, please create one today! We recommend using a profile image and including a brief bio so people know you’re not a bot.
  3. Create a Tweetdeck account. To make it easier for you to volunteer one hour per week (or more), you’ll need to create an account on Tweetdeck. This tool will allow you to schedule out social media posts throughout the week, monitor the posts of other Social Media Hive members, and follow conversations that are relevant to our campaigns. Pro-tip: you can add columns in your Tweetdeck account to follow different conversations.
  4. Announce yourself! Post a Tweet to announce that you’ve joined the social media hive! You can copy or paste the one below, or write your own – just make sure to include #SocialMediaHive and @greenpeaceusa so that we know you’re here!


  1. Sign up for the next hive call here! We’ll be sure to alert you to when the next call will be happening once you sign up!




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