ALDI US announces commitments on plastic packaging

by Perry Wheeler

April 3, 2019

Washington, DC – ALDI US announced several commitments to help address the plastic pollution crisis today. The company plans to:

  • Make 100 percent of its packaging reusable, recyclable, or compostable by 2025;
  • Reduce packaging of ALDI-exclusive products by at least 15 percent by 2025 (90 percent of the retailer’s products are private label);
  • Include a How2Recycle label on 100 percent of ALDI-exclusive consumable packaging by 2020;
  • Implement an initiative to make private label packaging easier to reuse by 2020;
  • Continue to improve product packaging through internal expertise and external evaluations.

In addition to these commitments, ALDI US has never used single-use plastic grocery bags, a move the company estimates has kept 15 billion single-use plastic bags out of landfills and oceans.

In response to today’s commitment, Greenpeace Senior Oceans Campaigner David Pinsky said:

“ALDI US is taking steps in the right direction by acknowledging its role in the plastic pollution crisis, and beginning to embrace reduction and reuse. The company has already taken positive steps by never offering single-use plastic grocery bags, ensuring they are kept out of landfills and our oceans.

“It’s important that ALDI US and other retailers act with the greatest urgency and ambition to eliminate problematic plastics. While the company might intend to make packaging recyclable or compostable, it does not mean that packaging will actually be recycled or composted. To date, only 9 percent of single-use plastics ever created have actually been recycled. We encourage ALDI US to accelerate efforts to reduce throwaway plastics and build systems of reuse for the sake of our planet and communities impacted by the pollution crisis.”


Contact: Perry Wheeler, Senior Communications Specialist, P: 301-675-8766

Perry Wheeler

By Perry Wheeler

Perry Wheeler is a senior communications specialist at Greenpeace USA.

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