The Day Before Shareholder Meeting, ExxonMobil is Confronted with “The Day After Tomorrow”

July 6, 2010

On the eve of ExxonMobil's Annual General Meeting in Dallas, Texas, we projected 100 foot images of floods, storms and other impacts of global warming on the building where shareholders will gather, warning that Exxon's policies on climate change are a risk to both their investment and the planet.

The Greenpeace projection follows the weather disaster theme of
the new Hollywood blockbuster The Day After Tomorrow – a fictional
film about global warming that premiered last night in New York and
opens nationally on Friday. The messages projected include “Global
warming fueled by ExxonMobil” and “Don’t buy Exxon’s lies!”.

“The movie The Day After Tomorrow is good science fiction but
global warming is very real,” said Kert Davies, Greenpeace Research
Director. “Exxon should be given an Oscar for acting like a
concerned corporate citizen. This company pretends to care about
global warming but refuses to do anything to cut global warming
pollution, instead it is using its muscle to corrupt United States
policy on global warming and silence public protest on the

ExxonMobil is suing Greenpeace over a peaceful protest at
Exxon’s headquarters in Irving, Texas in May 2003. The protest was
about ExxonMobil’s unwillingness to take action to curb global
warming, one of the largest environmental problems facing the
world. At the protest, 36 individuals were arrested and still face
stiff criminal charges.

“The day will soon come when ExxonMobil will be held accountable
for its attempts to kill momentum by confusing the public about
global warming science and interfering in the United States and
international policy debate,” said Davies. “Exxon seems afraid that
people will see The Day After Tomorrow and demand action today to
avoid climate disaster or ask the question ‘Who should we

Results of a vote on a shareholder resolution about ExxonMobil’s
climate change policy will be announced at tomorrow’s AGM. Last
year a similar resolution received an overwhelming 22 percent of
shareholder votes.

  • ExxonMobil’s blatant efforts to undermine the Kyoto Protocol
    and other solutions to global warming are chronicled in the report,
    and Deception.

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